This is an interactive tool for population attributable fraction (PAF) for risk factors of small-for-gestational-age (SGA) and preterm births (PTB) in 81 low- and middle- income countries. Two components of the tool are listed below.
Explore country specific estimates
The APP presents the results from two papers on PAFs for risk factors of SGA and PTB. The PAFs are reported for each identified risk factors and for each category of risk factors. The app helps user to visualize the proportion of SGA/PTB attributed to each country.

You can also download a spreadsheet with calculations and then use your own data to recalculate PAFs. The spreadsheet can also be used to produce sub-national estimates if you have data available.

SGA/Preterm Visualizer
The visualizer houses all the risk factors and their association with two birth outcomes that we explored in our review. Each risk factor is categorized into one of the following categories: Maternal infection; Nutrition; Uterine, placental, and cervical factors; environmental and other exposure; Fetal characteristics; General Health issues/morbidity; and Pregnancy history. The arrow from the risk factor to the birth outcomes summarizes the risk association we identified in the literature.